A Shoeshine Can Impact Your Day! from Hugh Ballou

This came across my Twitter feed from Hugh Ballou-well worth the time to follow the link and consider.

“Is getting more things done in less time going to make a difference, or will it just increase the pace at which I react to the people and circumstances that seem to control my life? Could there be something I need to see in a deeper, more fundamental way — some paradigm within myself that affects the way I see my time, my life, and my own nature?” – Steven R. Covey, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I stopped to get a shoe shine in the Chicago airport. There was no one present when I arrived at the shoe shine chair. After a few minutes I heard a voice coming from down the corridor, “Just have a seat!” he cried. So, I lifted myself up the the high chair expecting another boring, conversation less shoe shine.  To read more . . . http://tiny.ly/q2Qi


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