5 for Leadership (2/15/12)

After a ten day trip to Italy, I am back with this weeks five.

Personal Coaching For Those In Ministry  This is from Michael Hyatt’s blog and provides some critical information through an interview format for the value and practicality of having a personal coach.  I benefitted greatly from a personal coach a few years ago.  I highly recommend this post-you will also learn about a group called Ministry Coaching International.

Unleadership-A Crisis Of Identity  This is a gem from Mike Myatt on his N2Growth blog.  Here is a quote from the post that will make you want to read the whole-Leadership is more than a title; it’s a privilege and therefore a burden of the highest responsibility. Nothing is more dangerous than a leader who loses sight of their real purpose – to serve something greater than themselves.

Leaders Can Forgive Without Forgetting  This is an interesting read from John Baldoni.  John highlights well the need for leaders to forgive those who have failed.  He doesn’t discount the possible consequences, but does show how forgiveness can be empowering and restorative.

Are You A Team In Name Only?  Three Questions To Help You Find Out  This post is from Jesse Lyn Stoner who is a business consultant, author and executive. She is new to me, but I have really enjoyed her thinking on several topics.  This post is very practical about the purpose and need for teams.  She offers some diagnostics to see if your team is truly on track.  Take a look.

You Cannot Go To The Next Level If . . .   This is a quick, practical read from Perry Noble, the pastor of New Spring Church in South Carolina.  Perry offers 15 points of what may be holding you back from taking your leadership and influence to the next level.

There are the five for this week.  I will be posting some of my own leadership thoughts in the next few days.  I have been thinking through several topics and principles that I am looking forward to sharing and learning from the feedback.  Thanks for taking a look.

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