My Top Posts for April

Here are the top five most popular posts from my blog in April:

1. Delegation vs Empowerment  I distinguish the difference between these two concepts and argue the need of greater empowerment in raising up more leaders.

2. 5 for Leadership-April 12th  I highlight Tim Milburn, Angela Maiers, Bill Flint, Tim Sacket, and Michael McKinney in some quality posts on leadership.

3. The Posture of a Spiritual Leader  This post takes a look at some critical principles out of John 8 on how a spiritual leader should view themselves.

4. What Is Fairness  I explore the concept of “fairness” and contrast it to the principle of “justice”in our society today.

5. Principled Leadership  In this post I make the case for not getting caught up in all of the leadership or ministry fads-but rather looking for the timeless principles behind a strategy or innovation.

I hope these will be of benefit to you.

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