5 for Leadership (6/19/12)

Here is a fresh 5 for the third week of June.

4 Reasons They Don’t Want to Learn . . . and 5 Suggestions  If you are not already following Ron Edmondson on a regular basis-you should.  Ron provides some great insight about how to approach non-learners.  These insights can apply to a leader at any level–including the parent!

1001 Mid-course Corrections  I have highlighted Jesse Lyn Stoner before.  I really enjoy her posts because they are so relevant and practical.  This one is no different.  In this post she highlights the reality of change in the midst of pursuing your vision that will require some mid-course corrections.  This post includes a brief 2 minute video.  She concludes the post with some excellent evaluative questions.

Leadership Caffeine-Look To Workplace Partnership to Support Growth  This post comes from Art Petty.  This is a great post on the value of peer level partnerships for personal growth.  I find that personal growth and development is an area that is all too often neglected in the life of a leader.  Art offers some great “do’s” and “don’ts” for building these kinds of beneficial relationships.

Authentic Leadership Development: You Past, Present and Future  This is by Dan McCarthy on his blog Great Leadership.  I like this post because I like how Dan especially highlights the value of one’s leadership journey.  Dan takes a holistic look at how your past influences your present leadership and your future leadership.  He also highlights being over doing.  Take a look.

The Revealing Power of Fear  I will conclude this post with some thoughts from Dan Rockwell.  He hits on a topic that I think on often-leading from a foundation of fear.  I am finding that this is a common leadership disease.  Dan offers some very good insight about how to move away from this impostor.  He also provides some very good evaluative questions for discerning and dealing with fear.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!

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