5 for Leadership (8/24/12)

imagesTime for a fresh 5.  This week we are delving into some new authors, a little social media, a short classic film clip, and some practical advice.  Click away and enjoy.

Lead Yourself First-The Freedom of Taking Responsibility  This comes from Christina Lattimer on the People Discovery blog.  Christina highlights some very practical ways to get out of the blame game and moving towards taking responsibility.  This is a very important topic as I see leaders who constantly disregard leading themselves in various ways.  Christina does a good job of providing some personal testimony to bak up what she is sharing.  Take a look.

Top Professors on Twitter  For those of you who are on Twitter, this is a valuable resource from the LDRLB blog.  I think one of the greatest values of Twitter is the access to world wide resources.  I am always looking for and sharing resources through Twitter.  This post is a great list of experts in various fields to “follow” to glean resources and insight.

What Makes You The Leader?  It is Friday-so time for a little fun with our learning.  This post on the Deep Imprints blog is a 3 minute clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Allow yourself to reminisce on a classic comedy-and listen carefully for some good leadership insight.  You may even want to share this at your next team gathering or leadership development time.

7 Ways To Improve Your Integrity  This comes from Robert Whipple on his blog The Trust Ambassador.  He makes the case that trust and integrity are clearly linked.  And he offers seven ways in which you can be intentional about living in and with integrity.  His premise is that by creating internal trust with ourselves we will be in a much better position to trust others and be trusted by them.  What would you add to his list?

4 Trends for the Future of Leadership Development  This comes from the Center for Creative Leadership blog.  This is a well researched post with a link to a white paper on the topic.  You can assess the four trends at a glance and determine if you want to read more.  But the need to adapt leadership development to our ever changing leadership landscape is clear.  This is worth your time to consider.

There are the 5 for this week.  It is almost college football season-I am ready-how about you?  Have a great weekend!

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