My Top Posts for August

UnknownHere are my top five posts for the month of August.

Leading Young  The most popular post for August was this one.  In this post I tried to provide a few principles for leading the emerging generation.  It is critical that we invest well in this pliable group of leaders.

5 for Leadership (8/24/12)  Every Friday I post a 5 for Leadership to give you some great content from around the web on the topic of leadership.  I enjoy finding resources that are out there and I enjoy finding good writers that challenge my thinking-this is a collection of posts that resonated with my readers this past month.  See what you think.

Leading The Difficult  This is a post from this past week.  It was popular a pick-I am sure part of that is because we all face this challenge from time to time.  And sometimes we are that person.  I hope the principles here are helpful in leading difficult people well and in providing a self evaluation.

4 Priorities for a Spiritual Leader  This piece is rapidly becoming one of my all time most popular posts.  The meat of the content is not mine.  The principles presented came from a friend of mine and they ring very true as to how we are to live life and lead from a sure foundation.

Leader, You Will Be Found Out  This too is a more recent post.  The principles are taken from Luke 12 and challenge leaders on leading with hypocrisy.  We cannot afford this crippling leader disease.  The consequences are sure.

There are my most popular posts for this month.  I hope they are good reminders or spur you on if you are looking at some of them for the first time.  Lead well!

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