5 for Leadership (9/8/12)

images-1In 5 for Leadership this week we will take a look at an athletic analogy, some feedback and coaching keys, some common struggles, and some Twitter fodder.  I hope you benefit from the authors highlighted.

Leadership Lessons From Nick Saban  Yes, unapologetically, I am a proud graduate of the University of Alabama.  This article out of the CNN Money blog contains some great insight about leading from observations on one of the most successful college football coaches of our day.  The article is revealing, both to what a regular day looks like for a leader like Saban, and a glimpse at his core values that help to make him successful.  This is worth the read-even if you are an Auburn fan.

When Coaching, Focus On The One Thing  This practical post is by Linda Linfield and was found on the Decisionwise Leadership Intelligence blog.  Linda lifts up the value of feedback and clarity of focus when you are trying to help a leader make critical changes in their leadership lives.  I really appreciate Linda’s perspective.  Our tendency can be to try to create personal change on too many fronts at once.  Take a look at this brief post.

Honor The Struggle . . . Leadership Development 101  This post comes from Barry Smith on the Building What Matters blog.  Barry highlights some thinking from John Maxwell, noted leadership development guru.  The emphasis is on the fact that leadership development takes time-it does not happen in a day, but daily.  There is not necessarily anything new here in Barry’s points, but what I like about this is his summation of critical points and the strong reminder they can provide for us on a daily basis-towards developing ourselves and others.

9 Things Every Leader Struggles With (and how to overcome them)  This post was found on the ChurchLeaders blog and is written by pastor Perry Noble.  Perry gathered some research via his Twitter account about areas where leaders were struggling.  He honed down the suggestions to these nine areas.  Perry offers specific passages from the Bible in thinking through how to overcome each struggle.  This is worth reading and passing on to any Christian leader.

Top 25 Christian Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter  This comes from Brian Dodd, whom I have highlighted before.  Brian is great at pointing others to key people and resources for leadership development.  In this post the title reveals it all.  Take a look at the list and begin to follow a few of the people suggested-you will be the better for it.

There are the five for this week.  Lead well!

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