5 for Leadership (9/15/12)

September 15, 2012 — 2 Comments

UnknownHere are five new offerings and some new authors for 5 for Leadership.  I have mixed some posts on  skills with some posts that will challenge your perspective.  I think you will find some things worth considering.  Click and enjoy!

26 Radical Beliefs of Super Star Business Leaders  This is a quick list from Dan Walschmidt.  There are some good witticisms for motivation and some solid principles for consideration.  Take a look and be inspired.

The Word I Don’t Hear Much  This is another thought provoking gem from the Leadership Freak.  Dan highlights the need for sacrifice in leadership.  He provides us with seven thoughts on the power of sacrifice towards building trust.

Scrappy Women-An Interview With Founder Kimberly Wiefling  This is an interesting post from the Women On Business blog.  I don’t agree with all of Kimberly’s perspectives on this topic, but there are some worthy considerations regarding the climate within which women have to lead.  Kimberly is arguing for women to not give up on their leadership aspirations-and to realize that it will be hard work.

7 Things Leaders Should Say All The Time  This is from Ron Edmondson and is listed on the ChurchLeaders blog.  Ron is always practical and on target.  These seven sayings are worthy of being written down and kept close at hand.  This will help you in leading by walking around.

8 Tips For Telling A Great Story  I end with a post on a leadership skill.  This comes from The Leadership Journal and is a very practical and helpful piece on story telling.  The power of narrative is evident today in many settings.  The artfulness of telling a story well can be a very helpful leadership skill.

There are the 5 for this week.  I hope you enjoy the posts and discover some new ways to better express your leadership.  Lead well!

Gary Runn

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  1. Gary,

    I am glad you found my article helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

    Keep being awesome.


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