5 for Leadership (9/21/12)

images-1Here are 5 new posts for the 5 for Leadership series. I hope you enjoy then and that your leadership is strengthened by these authors. Lead well!

David Green: The Biblical Billionaire Backing The Evangelical Movement This is an article from the upcoming Forbes magazine issue. It is a powerful look at one entrepreneur’s view of life and business. David Green sees his billion dollar empire as a revenue machine for Christian causes. And he attributes his success to following God. While a Christian perspective on business may not be new, this article is worth the read to gain the biographical insight of a leader.

Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem This is an intriguing post because it is written by a Gen Y guy, Cal Newport on the HBR blog. Cal sees the perceived “problem” with Gen Y employees as misinformation that they were fed growing up about “following your passions.” He has some very interesting ideas for all of us. Take a look.

Leadership Development Is Not Suppose To Be FUN The title got your attention, didn’t it? This is from Dan McCarthy on the Great Leadership blog. Dan is acting as a myth buster in this post and is making the case that good LD is simply hard work. He offers 6 ways leaders develop and provides some current fads in LD that do not add up. This is though provoking and a good read.

5 Secrets of a Graceful Exit This is an interesting post about how to leave a Christian leadership position. That is not something you hear or read about very often. It comes by way of William Vanderbloemen on the Church Leaders blog. The author gives us five things to do and five things not to do when leaving a position.

Navigating A Moral Crisis This is a post by Tullian Tchividjian from Leadership Journal. This is a great perspective from a very personal experience of having to lead through a moral crisis in the church–among the staff. Tullian offers some great insight for navigating these waters.

There are the 5 for this week-until next time . . .

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