My Top Posts For September

UnknownWow-it is October and I have not yet highlighted what was most popular for this past month.  Here are my five most popular posts for September.

3 Things That Erode Team Unity  This post had the most hits.  Team leading takes a lot of skill and artfulness.  And team unity can seem very elusive.  Here are some markers of what can cause unity to be damaged.

2 Critical Ingredients To Team Unity  It logically follows that once you think through what might harm team unity that we would think through ways to build team unity.  This post looks at two primary ingredients that contribute toward that desire.

5 for Leadership (9/15/12)  Every month one of these weekly posts show up on the most popular list.  I hope being exposed to various points of view and different authors is helpful.  In this edition there are some great posts from Ron Edmondson and Dan Rockwell–as well as others.  Take a look for the first time–or again.

Delegation vs Empowerment  This has been on the monthly top five for a long time.  It continues to be a topic of great interest.  Take a look and contribute to the learning through your comments.

5 for Leadership (9/28/12)  Finally, another edition of 5 for Leadership shows up in the most popular for September.  In this one there are posts from Georgia Feiste, Tim Stevens and Kevin Eikenberry–as well as others.

There are the most popular for September.  Thanks for making them popular and for adding to the learning.

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