5 for Leadership (10/6/12)

imagesHere is 5 for Leadership for the first week in October.  I have included some new authors and posts from friends.  I think you will find something of interest for you.  Click away!

Your Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts At An Alarming Rate  This comes from Fast Company and is an excellent article on managing your Facebook fan page.  Everyone looks at their numbers (likes, etc.) but should you be paying more attention to staying true to a quality fan base.  Take a look.

Forgot The Power Cord?!  This is from my friend Andrea Buczynski on her blog AB Reflections.  This post is about life plugged in–connected to Christ through the Holy Spirit.  This is strong reminder that we cannot live unplugged when it comes to our main source of power.

Leaders, Remember Where You Came From and How You Got Here  This is from a new author for me.  Her name is Barbara Jordan and was published on the About Leaders blog.  Barbara recently had to step back into a front line staffing position within her organization.  It was a great refresher on perspective of what the frontline people face day in and day out.  This post will apply to any leader–to remind us of our roots and make us understanding, more caring leaders.

Feedback: Getting Great Insights From People Who Matter  I found this to be a very helpful post, not only on motivation for feedback on one’s leadership life, but also for some practical steps in obtaining that feedback.  This is from Karin Hurt on the Let’s Grow Leaders blog.  In particular, Karin offers some great informal approaches to getting regular feedback from those around you and those you lead.

What Is Christian Leadership?  This comes from Kim Martinez on the Deep Imprints blog and makes the distinction between church leadership and christian leadership that could and should be expressed wherever a Christian leads.  Kim provides three practical points of intersection as we lead by seeing our people and our setting as God does.

Hope you enjoy this edition of 5 for Leadership.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. sean Galloway
    sean Galloway says:

    Ciao Gary,

    I am enjoying and appreciating your blog. I hope you and your family are well. Would love to cross paths someday.

    • Gary Runn
      Gary Runn says:

      Ciao Sean-great to hear from you. I hope all is well in OR and with your role on the NW team. Would love to connect. Thanks for the encouragement about the blog-trying to make more of a go of it. Let me know if you come TX way or are in Orlando-i feel like I am in Orlando a lot these days.


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