5 for Leadership (10/13/12)

IUnknownn this edition of 5 for Leadership I am only focusing on two authors: Mike Myatt and his N2Growth blog, and Dan Rockwell and his Leadership Freak blog.  I really admire both of these bloggers because they provide such grounded and practical leadership insight.  They also consistently focus on issues of character which I believe is absolutely foundational to good leadership.  Take a look at some of their recent posts and consider how the principles revealed can take your leadership to the next level.

Why Your Leadership Is Overrated  It has been awhile since I have highlighted Mike Myatt.  But it is not from a lack of great content by Mike.  This post hits at the heart of self leadership, being self aware.  Mike provides eight ways to improve your leadership and not live and lead in ignorance.

Leadership, Influence, and Relationships  In this post Mike Myatt highlights ten steps toward building your influence.  He makes a strong case for investing in people as your greatest resource.  Influence and relationships go hand in hand.

9/11 Inforgraphic-The Destiny of a Nation  This final post that I am highlighting by Mike Myatt is a profound info graphic on the differences between our nation’s response to WWII and 9/11.  So in case you missed this back in September, take a look.  It will stir your thinking about our nation and leadership.

Overcoming The Reason People Resist Change  Dan Rockwell makes a great case for how change can be led.  He illustrates some ways in which it cannot be received well and ways in which you must view and lead change.  He uses four categories for clarity of thinking: The Wrong Picture, The Right Picture, Warnings, and Suggestions.  This is worth a look.

How To Make A Difference That Matters  This post from Dan hits at the heart of leadership, making a difference.  Dan lifts up the key tasks of developing internally and exploring externally.  I really like how he sets this up and argues that both tasks are necessary for making a difference.  He adds some very practical insights as to how this can be pursued.  Dan does some amazing things in 300 words or less.

I hope you enjoy these two authors and continue to learn from them by following their respective blogs.  Have a great weekend.


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