5 for Leadership (10/20/12)

imagesHere is 5 for Leadership for this 3rd week in October–also known as Tennessee week for all Alabama fans. Hope you enjoy these posts and Roll Tide!

10 Easy Ways To Celebrate Fair Trade Month In October  There are a lot of Millennial leaders in the entrepreneurial space. Therefore I think it is good to be aware of some of the causes that are out there.  This month has been dedicated to promoting fair trade as a way to combat poverty. This post gives you what it says–take a look.

The Secret To Creating The Future  Dan Rockwell does a great job of highlighting how the past can become either a distraction or a helpful guide to your future.  He argues that we must build on the past and we must know how to deal with frustration and failure along the way.  This is a very pithy post and worth taking a look at for yourself–or to help someone else.

The Beaten Path  In this post, Seth Godin turns an old axiom on it’s head, “make something amazing and people will beat a path to your door.”   Seth challenges the notion of where the path actually fits into your expectation scenario and offers something more rewarding.

Reading for Worldviews: Quotations of Chairman Mao  I found this post intriguing, which is from The Gospel Coalition.  Leaders should be readers.  But how do we read? How do we discern the worldview that is present in every book?  The Coalition asked several Christian thinkers to describe the worldview present in some of the worlds classic books.  This post highlights The Quotations of Chairman Mao, the communist revolutionary of China. Joann Pittman does a great job at presenting the worldview of this work.

Have You Signed Yourself Over?  This is a post from Ray Ortlund about the founder of the organization I work for, Dr. Bill Bright.  Every Christian leader should read this post and reflect as to whether they have counted themselves a slave of Christ or not.  There is only one posture that a spiritual leader can hold that gives them a right platform for ministry.  Dr. Ortlund (who was also a seminary professor of mine) shares a historical moment when Bill and Vonette made this real in their lives.

There you have it.  Click away and be challenged in your leadership. Lead well!


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