5 for Leadership (10/27/12)

UnknownHere is a new 5 for Leadership. I have found some authors who are new to me, and some trusted sages–as we explore the art and science of leadership.

Blind Spots and Lane Changes  This post is from Thabiti Anyabwile on the Gospel Coalition blog. Thabiti makes an analogy between driving with blind spots and leading with blind spots. He highlights five lessons learned from leading with blind spots. I especially appreciate his thoughts on leaders leading only from self perception and not from a more thorough assessment on their lives.

Propaganda: Giving The Puritans A Bad Rap  This comes from Joel Beeke and his blog Doctrine for Life. Propaganda, a Christian rap artist, recently came out with a song that contained some lines regarding the Puritan reformers. Beeke does a very good job at carefully deconstructing the lyrics and noting where Propaganda got it right and may have got it wrong. This is significant for leaders in light of communication. We all need to know the impact of what we say–or sing.

A Key To Successful Delegation Month in and month out my most popular blog post is on delegation and empowerment. This is obviously a critical topic for leaders. In this post, Ron Edmondson speaks directly to the need to delegate authority as well as responsibility. Ron always brings practical isight to leadership–take a look.

What The Lance Armstrong Story Teaches Us About Sustainable Leadership This is a timely piece. The saga of Lance Armstrong continued this week as he was stripped of his titles and being asked to return all prize money from his Tour de France victories. Scott Eblin uses this backdrop to share some very good principles on sustainable leadership–mainly that leaders must live a life in line with their story.

Hey Leaders: Failure Isn’t A Dirty Word Matt Hunt writes a great post on the value of failure on the Linked 2 Leadership blog. Matt pinpoints that the fear of failure is rooted in avoidance. Instead, Matt makes the case that we must learn from failure and create a positive environment for failure within our organizations. How we treat our people who are taking on high risk endeavors is also an important part of the environment we create.

There are the 5 for the final week in October. Keep learning!

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