My Top Posts For October

UnknownHere are my five most popular posts for the month of October.

Experiential Leadership Development Here are four observations from a leadership development exercise that our organization recently sponsored. The critical aspects are to challenge a leader’s imagination, intuition, honesty and integrity. Experiential development will do just that.

Delegation vs Empowerment Every month this is one of my top posts. This crucial aspect of leading involves both the art and science of leadership. If we want to see a legacy of leadership behind us, then this topic is a must.

3 Leadership Observations From Starbucks This has become one of the most well know companies in the world. Why? I suggest three aspects of the Starbucks leadership culture that are evident every time a customer walks in.

A Leader’s Prayer: Psalm 25 King David expresses his longing to be led by the Lord. As a leader, do you and I express the same desire in our leadership? We must be leaders who can be led.

Ministering To Millennials In this post I share three important principles of ministering to the Millennial generation. These were gleaned from my experience at Movement Day in New York. Take a look and see how you are or could be employing these principles toward this generation.

There are the most popular for October. I hope you enjoy them again–or for the first time.

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