5 for Leadership (10/10/12)

images-1Here is a fresh 5 for the 2nd week in November. There are some substantive posts and articles in this edition. Browse away!

5 Big Ideas: What’s Next for Leadership Development  This is a very interesting article from the Great Leadership blog by Dan McCarthy. You need to read this if you are interested in LD at all. This is a list of five trends that are on the horizon for leadership development. I think these are certainly worth paying attention to. Take a look.

Team Building and Accessing Accountability and Authority  This was found on the Create Learning web site and the Team Building blog. In this post, Michael Cardus references a series of great questions designed to help you assess if you have the right mix of accountability and authority for any team or work project environment.

How President Obama Should Choose His Leadership Team  I found this on the HBR blog. Obviously it is in line with the election this past week, but it provides a real life example of the principles anyone should apply in choosing a leadership team. Gretchen Gavett does a good job of putting those principles right in front of us, attached to something should all be interested in.

Today’s Challenge: Filling A Key Seat On Your Team  This comes from Mark Miller, who is a Vice President with Chick-fil-a. I had the privilege of meeting Mark a few weeks ago because he is living out what he believes. His blog is called Great Leaders Serve–and Mark is serving my organization by volunteering as a coach for 18 months to help one of our national leaders grow in his leadership. This post is timely because this was a critical question our leaders were asking during that venue. Mark offers some great insight about this important topic.

The Burning Hearts Revolution This is the blog of my friend Matt Mikalatos. Matt is a leader in our organization in Portland, OR. Matt is also an accomplished author, with his 3rd book hitting the shelves any day. Matt has a keen way of combining humor and thought provoking insight that will cause you to look in the mirror of your soul. You will certainly be entertained, but you won’t be able to stop thinking about the cracks revealed. Check out his blog and his books (they are highlighted on his web site).

There are the 5 for this week. I also want to say THANKS to all of the veterans in our country for putting your lives on the line so that we can still have free and democratic elections like we did this past week. We can never repay you!

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