My Top Posts for November

UnknownHere are my most popular posts for the month of November. There is a mix of tried and true and some new offerings. Take a look for the first time-or again.

Delegation vs Empowerment  Once again, this was the most popular post this past month. This topic continues to be of great interest and has been in every “Top Posts” since I first began to publish these summaries. It is the difference between simply getting work done and raising up more leaders.

Three Marks of Leadership Maturity  I recently highlighted this post from my archives and there was immediate interest around the world. We must continually be growing as leaders. What are the marks that someone is actually making progress? This post seeks to begin to answer that question.

Leadership Proverbs  This post simply provides a survey of some of the proverbial sayings in the Bible related to leadership. The book of Proverbs, written largely by one of the most renowned leaders in the Ancient Near East, has been used by God through the ages to point us toward His needed wisdom.

5 for Leadership (10/10/12)  This particular 5 for Leadership was very popular in October and November. There is a great article on the future of leadership development. I linked to such authors as Michael Cardus, Dan McCarthy, Mark Miller, Gretchen Gavett, and Matt Mikalatos. Two of the topics are excellent on teams.

What To Look For In The Next Leader  This post reflects on a message that one of Cru’s senior leaders delivered to a group of national leaders in development. It provides four critical considerations for anyone building an enterprise and in need of more leaders.

There are the most popular posts for this past month. Thanks for making this blog one of your avenues for learning.

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