5 for Leadership (12/15/12)

images-1Here is 5 for Leadership for the second week in December. I trust you will find something of interest and of benefit as your peruse these posts.

Top 12 Books of 2012  This comes from the Desiring God blog and is the latest in an annual installment of best book recommendations. Leaders must be continual learners, and therefore good readers. It is with that in mind that I highlight this post as fodder for some good reading over the holidays and the new year to come.

Writing Your Succession Game Plan This is a well thought out, practical post about leadership succession. It comes from Tammy Kelley and the Vanderbloemen Search Group. This is written with pastoral ministry in mind, but has some timeless principles no matter what leadership position you are vacating. (Tip: Once you get to the Vanderbloemen web site you may have to click “Insights” at the top of the page to find the listing for this post.)

Millennial Women Speak Out About The Gender Ambition Gap-It’sReal and They’re Living It  This article comes from Forbes magazine and reveals a very insightful study on the Millennial generation and the ambitions of women. One discovery is that among Millennials women are more ambitious than men. The article is written in an interview format and is quite revealing about current attitudes among this generation.

Leadership Development Training-3 Tips for Maximum ROI This post was found on the Blanchard LeaderChat. It is brief, but very practical about the best way to train leaders. Blanchard makes three recommendations for getting improvement on bottom line results. This is a great read.

Nine Ways Successful People Defeat Stress  This final post is our of the HBR blog, which is often a great source of leadership thinking. Every leader faces stress, even more so during this time of year. Heidi Halvorson provide us with nine practical stress relief solutions. Take a look at here suggestions and see which ones would best help you.

There are the 5 for this week. Thanks for taking a look and add some comments to keep the conversation going.

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