My Top Posts for January

UnknownHere are the five most popular posts for the first month of the year.

7 Leadership Lessons from 2012  You can tell by the title what this post is about. It was the most popular of all of my posts for this month. I hope this encourages you to take time to reflect on what you are learning in your leadership.

Delegation vs Empowerment  Month in and month out this is in the top five. If we want to raise up more leaders, this topic is essential.

Words Matter  This post was an emotional one for me. I have grown weary of Christian speakers and writers not being careful with their words. We can do better. We must do better.

5 for Leadership (1/12/13) This weekly offering has become a mainstay of my blog and a popular one. My aim is to expose you to worthy writers around the web on the topic of leadership. In this post there is something on fallen pastors, working better with Evernote, leadership over management, doing the most important things, and redefining practical.

5 for Leadership (1/19/13)  This 5 speaks to life passion, whole foods, great communication, a paradigm for leading, and challenging the very reason we lead.

Take a look for the 1st time–or look again. And offer up your thoughts.

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