5 for Leadership (2/16/13)

imagesHere is a fresh 5. This week we have some book recommendations, a good leadership acrostic, help on picking the next Pope, virtues and vices, and a mandate to be a thinking leader. Take a peek and pass it on!

9 Recommended Books on Leadership  This is a great list of leadership reads from the Gospel Coalition blog. There are both Christian and secular books listed here. Choose one and be inspired.

The Essence of Leadership in Five Letters  This is another gem from Dan Rockwell. He uses the word SERVE as an acrostic to highlight what every leader should be about. “Am I serving leader or a self-serving leader?” Run the test.

How To Pick The Next Pope  This is an insightful post from the HBR blog and Catholic writer, Claudio Fernandez-Araoz. The argument is that a Pope should be chosen based on the ability to lead a complex organization at a very high level. Fernandez-Araoz provides three strong criteria for doing so. Not only will this make you think twice about the choice of the next Pope, but how high level leaders should be chosen for any field.

When Virtues Hide Vice  This is another post from the HBR blog written by Jake Breeden. Leaders beware-some of your strongest talents may mask your greatest potential for downfall. Breeden takes a look at passion and preparedness as two possible impostors in your drive to lead well.

Think!  This last post comes from my brother in law, who is also a vice president for Cru. In this brief post, Ken Cochrum makes a strong case for the critical leadership need of thinking. WIll you be a reactive leader or a reflective leader? Take a look.

There are the 5 for this week-I hope you had a great Valentines Day. Now for Presidents Day here in the U.S.

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