5 for Leadership (2/23/13)

images-2Here is 5 for Leadership for the last week in February. The topics include how not to lead in times of crisis, defining leading by creating good, the importance of organizational culture, a historical analysis of leadership principles, and a critical test for leadership greatness.

The Core of Leadership  This is a guest post by Dr. John Townsend on the Trochia blog. Dr. Townsend argues that what is core to leadership “is establishing order to create good.” He draws this from the created order outlined in Genesis, but states that it can apply to any aspect of leadership in life. What will allow this good to take place? Dr. Townsend lays out three elements that are critical to fulfilling this leadership mandate.

Carnival Triumph: A Case Study in Crisis Management  You are probably aware of the debacle Carnival Cruise Lines has had on its hands with their ship Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a study in what not to do. There are some valuable leadership lessons in this article on where Carnival failed and on what must be done to succeed in the midst of crisis.

Corporate Culture: 10 elements That Help Drive Results  This comes from Gwyn Teatro, whom I have highlighted before. In this post Gwyn makes a good case for a corporate culture that invites participation. Culture is never stagnant and must be monitored often. Here are ten elements to consider as you think about your organizational culture.

Leadership Caffeine-5 Priceless Lessons from Amundsen and Scott  This is a very good post full of principles from a historical perspective and written by Art Petty. Amundsen and Scott were involved in a race to the South Pole in 1910. After reflecting on the results of this expedition, Art came to some worthy conclusions. These five principles stress the value of preparation before “the storm.” This is worth your time and attention.

The 10 Triumphs That Lead To Great Leadership  This final post comes from Terry Starbucker, whom I have also highlighted before. Terry lists ten milestones that act as critical tests of leadership. In this brief offering you will find a worthy grid for determining where you are on the road to leadership greatness.

There are the 5 for this week. I hope you find something that helps you to take the next step in leading well!

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