My Top Posts for February

UnknownHere are my five most popular posts for this past month.

Keeping A Leadership Journal  Leaders need to record and monitor their leadership lives. They need to be self aware and lifetime learners. A leadership journal will help you get there.

Hendricks on Leadership This past month we lost a great Christian statesman in Howard Hendricks. He was a gentle, but powerful leader. Here are a few of his quotes to encourage you.

Delegation vs Empowerment This is always one of my most popular posts, which shows the importance of this topic. If we want to raise up more leaders for the future, this topic is critical.

A Leader’s Need: Ever Increasing Self Awareness If leaders are to remain effective and have a chance of finishing well, this topic is crucial.

Five for Leadership (2/9/13) This series is fun for me to compile and always receives a lot of comments. This five from the past month was the favorite. Take a look.

There are the top post for February. Enjoy for the first time, take a look at something again, or pass them on.

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