5 for Leadership (3/30/13)

images-1Here is a fresh 5. This week there is content on avoiding mediocrity, authentic leadership, following while leading, some great leadership and life quotes, and evidence for Easter.

35 Leadership, Motivational, & Life Quotes  This is from Eric Jacobson and the title says it all. There are some great quotes here that will inform you and inspire you.

Finding Your Leadership Secret Sauce  This comes from the Linked2Leadership blog and is written by Melissa Lanier. She highlights a study from the Harvard Business Review that empirically proves that there is no “ideal leader” profile. Therefore, becoming an authentic leader is whats most important. Melissa lifts up four ideas for getting you down the path towards leading best out of who you are.

5 Leadership Lessons: Avoiding The “Mediocre Me” Mindset  This comes via the LeadingBlog. The post plays off of a book entitled Mediocre Me by John Michel. Michael McKinney, who writes this post, makes this statement, “Mediocrity is simply a choice we make every day.” McKinney offers up five ways to avoid the “mediocre me” syndrome.

When Great Leaders Need To Be Great Followers  This is from May Jo Asmus, whom I have highlighted before. Mary Jo does a great job in this post of providing seven ways to exhibit following while leading. Her argument is that we must learn to incorporate “follwership” into leadership to be great leaders. Take a look.

14 Evidences for The Resurrection of Jesus Christ-and 14 References  Tomorrow is Easter, one of the most cherished holidays on the Christian calendar. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If this event really took place, no one should ignore it. If this event really took place it changes everything about life and living. In this post Rob Bowman outlines some solid reasons to believe.

There are the 5 for this week. Have a very happy Easter!

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