5 for Leadership (4/13/13)

images-2Here is a fresh 5 for Masters week-speaking of my favorite golf tournament. There are posts relating to leadership character, leadership in history, everyday leadership, and ethical leadership. Click and enjoy.

Alabama’s Barrett Jones Shares His Blueprint for Success  Barrett Jones is one of the most decorated players from Alabama’s National Championship team. He was recently honored with a scholarship award. His acceptance speech is a testimony to character as he describes 8 keys to success. Take a look.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies Today At 87  We learned this week of the death of Margaret Thatcher. I have listened to many opinions about her leadership over the past few days. The most common reactions have centered around two polar opposites-loathed or loved. No one doubts that she was a a true leader. This tribute to her from the Leading Blog highlights some of her greatest quotes from eight different aspects of leadership. They show the strength of her leadership. This is worth the read.

Drew Dudley-Everyday Leadership  Here is a 6 minute TED talk by Drew Dudley about the small tasks of leadership that we can all execute everyday. I found this on the Survive Your Promotion blog site. Dudley argues that we have made leadership something that is beyond us-but we can all lead and have influence.

Which of These Is Ethical Leadership?  This comes from Linda Thornton on the Leading In Context blog. Thornton talks about, and graphically displays, three kinds of leadership-and asks each of us to determine which one is truly ethical. She makes a great case for going beyond the conventional norm of ethical leadership.

Courageous Leaders, Bullies, and Weasels  This final post comes from Ed Stetzer on the Church Leaders blog. “True leadership demands character.” This is how Stetzer opens his post, as he offers four traits of a courageous leader. This is a mirror on maturity.

There are the 5 for this week. Enjoy the Masters from Augusta.

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