5 for Leadership (4/20/13)

UnknownHere is a new 5. This week’s content offers thoughts on introversion, women in leadership, the core essence of leadership, the value of influence leading, and why we must avoid being sleepy leaders. I hope you find something inspiring for you.

Why Sleepy Leaders Are Bad Leaders  One of my favorite sayings of all time is from a pastor friend of mine, Bill Elliff. He once told me that the most important things a person can do sometimes is take a nap. Here is an article to back that up and more.

Women in Leadership-It Takes Courage, Self Esteem, and Fortitude  This is a fascinating real life scenario about cultural differences for women in leadership. This comes from The Lead Change Group blog and is written by Jonena Relth. She takes an evaluative look at some training provided for some Turkish leaders and the attitude change that was created.

Introverted Traits We Can All Use  This post comes from Mary Jo Asmus whom I have highlighted before. She uses what she learned from having an introverted daughter to better understanding how we can create quality environments for all introverts to express themselves.

Leading Through Long Term Influence  This is an insightful guest post by Beth Miller on the Great Leadership blog. Beth argues that long term influence in any organization may depend upon matching your leadership power rightly to a given situation. She cites a study that delineates between “hard tactics” and “soft tactics.” The proper use of some good “soft tactics” can make all the difference in sustainable influence.

What Does A Great Leader Do?  This final post comes from Matt Perman and his own blog called What’s Best Next. Matt’s tagline for his blog is “Leadership and the world of work, from a Christian perspective.” In this offering Matt discusses the core essence of leadership. This is a new blog for me, but found that I really enjoy how Matt thinks and writes. Take a look at this post and browse some others.

Have a great weekend and keep the people of Boston and West in your prayers.

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