Failing Until You Succeed

Seth Godin has proven to be a modern day prodder. He stirs us to do things differently. He inspires us to think differently. In this 20 minute video Seth discusses some of the principles from his 2012 book Poke The Box. The value of acceptable failure that leads to success is a core concept. I read this book when it first came out and was struck by the profundity of its simplicity. What stops you? What stops me? “No one gives you initiative, you have to take it.” Take some time to watch this interview and take some notes.



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  1. Patsy Liclan
    Patsy Liclan says:

    Hi Gary,
    My friend Carmen and I here at Radio Maranatha would like to know how to use (or some other) for translation/interpretation of yours’ and others’ articles to Spanish – to facilitate use of ideas in this language and culture. Thanks. Patsy Liclan

    • Gary Runn
      Gary Runn says:

      Patsy, Thanks so much for your comment and request. I am not familiar with but took a look at it. It looks like it would be a 3rd party translation service-meaning they would have to take each post and translate it separately-and then someone would have to repost on a web site or blog. That is one way to do it. Another option would be to add Google Translator to my web site (or yours) so that anyone who views it from a non-English speaking country could do so and have it translated (albeit roughly) into their mother tongue. That is another way to go. I have been thinking about adding some sort of translator plugin to my site so others could read it in a language other than English. Let me know what you discover too.


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