5 for Leadership (4/27/13)

small__136782490Here is a fresh 5 for the final week in April. This week we take a look at authenticity, execution, decision making, leadership traits, and showing up.

4 Reasons Execution Breaks Down: and How to Fix It

This comes from Karin Hurt, whom I have highlighted before. The title says it all. Execution is a critical task for every leader.

Leaders Show Up Even When Its Not Fun

This comes from the Lead Change Group blog. Jennifer Miller uses the analogy of little league parents doing their job to leaders with character doing what is necessary. The point is relevant and driven home well through this every day scenario.

How To Make Wise Decisions (1 Corinthians 10)

Here is a thoughtful piece by Bruce Chant on his blog Edevotional. He gives us three vital and practical questions for decision making that all flow from this Pauline passage.

To Be Authentic, Look Beyond Yourself

This comes from the HBR blog. Authors Su and Wilkins argue that true authenticity must flow from one’s ability to connect with others–not just how you feel about yourself. The authors provide three vantage points from which to increase your personal authenticity.

Leadership: What Are The Most Important Traits?

This final post comes from The Leadership Journal, a Christian publication that always has some excellent points of view. Some of the results from this survey may surprise you.

Let me know which was your favorite post.

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