5 for Leadership (5/4/13)

images-2Here is a fresh 5 for this 1st week in May. It does not feel like May-not even in Austin, where I woke up to 42 degrees yesterday morning. But maybe one of these posts will warm your leadership heart. This week we look at leading the MIllennial generation, servant leadership, self leadership, leaderless teams, and how to let go as a leader. I hope you find something that is motivational and profitable for you.

Servant Leadership  Here is a great post on the meaning behind John 13 in the Bible. This passage wonderfully illustrates servant leadership. Lisa Colon Delay share some key principles from the passage that make this clear.

How Known Are You By You?  This is from Brad Lomenick on the Deeper Leader blog. Brad is a renowned leader and the founder of Catalyst. This post strikes at the heart of self awareness–an absolute essential for every leader.

Danger: A Team Without A Leader . . .  This comes from Ron Edmondson. It is brief and to the point. Let’s not have leaderless teams.

Millennials: Three Characteristics That Define How They Approach The Work Place  This was found on the LeaderCommunicator Blog. David Grossman says, “Like any generation, there are certain cultural experiences that affect the way millennials see the world.” Here are three to pay attention to.

Letting Go With Grace  This final post is on the Lead Change Group blog. “Perhaps the key to life is gracefully accepting the impermanence. Perhaps it’s the key to business success as well.” This post offers four areas to consider for letting go gracefully.

There you have it. Enjoy your weekend and get some rest!

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