My Top Posts for April

UnknownBetter late than never. Here are the five most popular posts on my blog from the month of April.

Delegation vs Empowerment  This rose to number one this past month. It is always one of the most popular. The topic is critical.

5 for Leadership (4/27/13)  This particular 5 for Leadership was very well received. There are posts here on wise decision making, execution, authenticity, and leadership traits.

Failing Until You Succeed  This is a video from Seth Godin on the value of failure in leadership. These thoughts flow from his 2012 book Poke The Box.

Leadership: Exaltation or Humility  This post highlights some critical principles on servant leadership from Luke 14. Humility is chief among them.

Observations On A Good Leader  These are some thoughts and principles that flow from a lengthy time of reflection about a leader I had the privilege to serve under. They are worthy of emulation.

There are the most popular from April. I will have May’s out on time. Thanks for reading.

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