Do You Need A Dose Of Rejection Therapy?

The other evening my wife and I enjoyed an anniversary dinner on behalf of some dear friends. There were ten of us around the table. During the course of our conversations I learned about Jia Jiang. He is a Chinese man from Beijing who now lives in Austin, Texas. Jia had a dream to become an entrepreneur like Bill Gates. But his hopes were dashed at an early age. His courageous wife encouraged him to try again. He took a decidedly unique route in his search for entrepreneurial success. He chose rejection therapy. The precise goal is to go out and seek rejection. The payoff is fresh learning. Jia set out to make off-hand requests for 100 days from a variety of people to normalize rejection. He held some grounded beliefs: life has purpose, rejection is constant, and all people have a universal fear of rejection. What he has been learning along the way has been surprising. Watch this 12 minute video and be inspired.

Jia is on day 89. Here is a link to his blog if you care to look at some of his past “rejections” and follow along.




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  1. Amy Boykin
    Amy Boykin says:

    Somehow connected with you and just wanted to say its fun to see another family following Christ together! We are from Austin and just wanted to say hello and encourage you! My friend Kristen works (or used to?) with CRU! Blessings, The Boykin Family in the Bahamas


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