My Top Posts for May

UnknownHere are the five most popular posts from my blog for the month of May.

Delegation vs Empowerment  “Delegation largely raises up followers-empowerment raises up leaders.” This post is always near the top. This is a critical topic for every leader.

Observations on a Good Leader  Here are five observed qualities that are essential to good leadership. Are you learning from those who lead you? What are you learning that will make you a better leader?

Rumsfeld on Meetings  This contains eight highly practical principles towards the function of better meetings. These thoughts are derived from a new book by Donald Rumsfeld, the former U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Do You Need a Dose of Rejection Therapy?  What have you learned from rejection? Every leader faces this potentially crippling enemy. Jia Jiang has taken on the personal assignment of unmasking this impostor. This 12 minute video will surely inspire you.

Are You a Leader Who Can Be Led?  “The leader who cannot be led is a leader who is focused solely on self. The question a leader must continually ask is, ‘Why do I lead?'” Here are some principles from the book of Zechariah in the Bible.

There are the top 5 for May. Thanks so much for reading this blog and adding to the conversation through your comments. Let’s keep the learning going.

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