5 for Leadership (6/22/13)

images-2Here is a fresh 5 after a week off for family vacation. This week we take a mid year check up, a look at bad leaders, a glimpse at leadership failure, consider leadership weaknesses, and a high view of mentoring. There is even a bonus post since I left you high and dry last week. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

10 Ways to Identify a Not So Good Leader  Scott Williams consistently delivers quality leadership development material. Here are 10 lessons he learned from being under “not so good leaders.” We can learn too.

Time For A MidYear CheckUp  Mark Miller is a Vice President for Chick-Fil-A. This post play off the idea of annual plans that all leaders should be attuned to. Mark gives us 10 questions for evaluating those plans at the mid year point. This is an opportunity to reflect, reset, and redirect.

Study Of Leaders Identifies Their Weaknesses  This is actually a 2009 post I found on the Barna web site. Known for their outstanding research, Barna provides us with some common areas where leaders tend to be weak in their leadership skills and abilities. Here is an opportunity to sharpen the saw.

How Drucker Mentored  Here is another gem from the Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell. Peter Drucker is considered one of the few true experts on the topic of leadership. Most don’t know how Drucker himself mentored others. Bob Buford shared four insights with Dan about the mentoring power of Peter Drucker. Notice the weight on holding people accountable.

Leadership Failure  Here are 3 powerful lessons learned from leadership failure. This comes from Gus Jaramillo and I really appreciate his authenticity that helps us to learn along side of him. May we be people who admit failure and learn from it.

No Whiners  Finally, here is a bonus post.  “Leaders have feelings. Leaders get hurt. Leaders get discouraged. Sometimes leaders have to push back. But leaders should never whine and never feel sorry for themselves.” All leaders need to read this post by Kevin DeYoung. Our leadership actions always have consequences. Complaining and self pity on the part of a leader can be devastating.

There you have it. A new 5 (6) for Leadership. Remember, the days all get shorter from here. I hope you are having a truly blessed summer.

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