My Top Posts for June

UnknownHere are the five most popular posts from my blog this past month.

Delegation vs Empowerment  This post has been in the top 5 for over a year. The topic of empowerment is a crucial one because the frist job of very leader is to raise up more leaders. Understanding the difference between the delegation of tasks and real empowerment can make all the difference.

21st Century Leadership: 7 Questions for Evaluation  This post arose from some reading I have been doing from a book by McFarland, Senn, and Childress. The questions serve as a great mid year evaluation to see if you are growing and adapting for the 21st century reality.

John Wesley on Leadership  Every so often I will pull quotes from a historical figure who has helped to change the world. I usually choose these figures from Church history because they are often ignored. John Wesley, who is seen, along with his brother Charles, as the inspirational leader of Methodism is a great study in the necessity of leadership character. See how these quotes speak to you.

5 for Leadership (6/22/13)  This post is part of a weekly series that I do to aid leaders in gleaning quality insights from the blogosphere. This particular one highlights the need for a mid year check up, a look at bad leaders, a glimpse at leadership failure, a consideration of leadership weakness, and a high view of mentoring.

The Invasion of Normandy & Leadership  This final post I wrote from Europe when my family traveled to the Normandy area of France. I was struck by the WWII history of this famous invasion. There is much to be gleaned in the way of leadership principles that is still very applicable today.

There are the five most popular posts from my blog for the month of June. Read them for the 1st time. Read them again. Pass them on–and thanks for taking the time to read my blog and contribute your comments towards greater learning.

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