5 for Leadership (7/13/13)

images-2Here is a new 5 for the 2nd week in July. We have three, count them, three posts from the Harvard Business Review blog. The HBR is a wealth of quality leadership thought and practicalities. In this 5 we will take a look at strengths, personal development plans, leadership development programs, the very nature of leadership, and some interesting facts about a spiritual leader whose legacy is profound. I hope you find something that will challenge you!

3 Myths About Your Strengths  This comes from the HBR Blog and written by Zenger and Folkman. “One of the most dramatic changes in leadership development in the last decade has been the shift in focus from correcting weaknesses to identifying and expanding on strengths. As this movement continues to catch hold, three myths have emerged that deserve to be dispelled.” You will enjoy this post.

Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail  This too comes from the HBR Blog. “I have never seen a leader fail because he or she didn’t know enough about leadership. In fact, I can’t remember ever meeting a leader who didn’t know enough about leadership. What makes leadership hard isn’t the theoretical, it’s the practical.” Peter Bregman offers two very salient ideas that work when all else fails.

20 Questions To Assess The Quality Of An Individual Development Plan  My organization values have a personal development plan. It is an extremely helpful tool to ensure that we are all involved in self leadership. This post from Dan McCarthy on the Great Leadership blog provides a quick way to make sure your plan is a good one and in line with your role.

How And Why To Be A Leader (Not A Wannabe)  How about one more post from the HBR Blog. Umair Haque offers a motivating look at the deep need for leaders today and 6 ways to start being a real leader and not just a wannabe. See how you stack up–and what you think of his paradigm.

9 Things You Should Know About John Calvin  This final post comes from The Gospel Coalition blog. Calvin, the great reformer, was certainly a leader whose legacy continues strongly today. July 10th was the 504th anniversary of his birth. Take a look at these nine facts to see how his leadership was shaped by his circumstances and for his times.

There are the 5 for this week. Enjoy!

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