5 for Leadership (8/10/13)

images-1Here is a new 5 for these hot, dog days of August. Grab something cold to drink and click your way to some new learning.

6 Keys to Game-Changing Leadership  This comes from Terry Starbucker, whom I have highlighted before. In this post Terry speaks to the leadership task of turning an organization around. His six principles are well worth consideration.

To Help Others Develop, Start With Yourself  This comes from Marshall Goldsmith, a renowned leadership thinker. “Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves.” Self leadership is critical to the effectiveness and longevity of every leader.

The 5 Key Benefits of Leading the Learning  This post was found on the Linked2Leadership blog. “A commitment to learning initiatives from leadership becomes clear through their commitment to the process of learning and growing people.” Paul Simkins gives us five reasons for why leaders must  lead the organizational learning.

Clarity Brings a Leader’s Vision to Life  This comes from the Lead Change Group blog. “It is the desire of every leader to see their vision become reality. The challenge leaders face translating vision to reality is having the focus and clarity to bring their vision to life.” Jennifer Olney provides us with six principles in thinking through how clarity brings passionate vision to life.

10 Ways to Remain “Favorite” Pastor  Ron Edmondson uses a tongue and cheek approach to remind us of what the essential purpose of pastoring is all about.

There are the 5 for this week!

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