5 for Leadership (9/7/13)

imgresThis new “5 for Leadership” includes thoughts on easy leadership, leadership delegation, leadership perspective, church leadership, and the need for more leaders. I hope you find something that challenges you.

7 Paradigms of the “New Normal” in Church Leadership  This post is from Ron Edmondson. Culture is constantly changing, and spiritual leaders must adapt without tarnishing the gospel. Ron reveals seven areas in which change is affecting the church.

Rethinking The $3000 Missions Trip  This is a very interesting perspective found in an article in Christianity Today. Doug Bannister is a pastor in Knoxville, Tennessee. He highlights for us what all leaders must do. Leaders must gain and maintain perspective. Doug chronicles how he came to the reality of the incredible missional need all around him in his own city. This is a must read.

7 Reasons I Am Dumping Delegation  This is rare for me, but I am highlighting a 2nd post from Ron Edmondson. My most popular post of all time is one I wrote on Delegation vs Empowerment. This is an important topic. Ron gives us a back door approach to why these issues matter.

Leadership Is Difficult, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard  This post is from Tim Milburn, whom I have highlighted before. “It’s difficult to do what leaders need to do, but it doesn’t have to be hard to figure out who a leader needs to be.” Tim gives us 7 principles to figure this out.

Why We Need More Women Leaders  This final post comes from the HBR blog. “Often overlooked is this basic reality: what the world needs is more leaders, of whatever gender or any other characteristic. We need more leaders at every level in every kind of organization — businesses, government, schools, neighborhood and professional associations, unions, religious entities, and charitable institutions.”

There are the 5 for this week. Lead well!

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