5 for Leadership (9/28/13)

images-2Here is a fresh 5–on time! We have leadership thoughts about TV, on church planting, on confrontation, telling the truth, and leadership influence.

9 Reasons To Lead In A No Spin Zone  This is a great post from Mike Myatt. “Leadership not deeply rooted in a foundation of truth is leadership destined to fail. The reality is the best leaders are also absolutists when it comes to truth – they view truth as a non-negotiable.” This is a must read.

Speak From The Heart Lolly Daskal always has content that communicates and is profitable. “Difficult conversations with difficult people come in all sorts of situations and circumstances.  Often they involve a sensitive topic, and we worry about finding the perfect time and perfect place to approach it. So how do you engage in a difficult conversation with a difficult person? The answer is in the heart.”

6 Lessons On Creating Lasting Influence  “In an organizational context, ability to influence is at the heart of a leader’s success in driving changes, building great teams, delivering results and implementing the strategic vision. At an individual level, your ability to influence others is at the core of building relationships, creating a network and achieving your goals.” See what Tanmay Vora has to say.

5 Legitimate Fears of a Church Planter  Here is another solid post from Ron Edmondson. His theory is we have to recognize our fears to overcome them. Take a look.

Badly Broken  This final post is a theological perspective on the popular show Breaking Bad. Read this to find out why we are all Walter White.

There are the 5 for this week, the final one for September 2013! Keep enjoying your fall.

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