My Top Posts for September

UnknownHere are the 5 most popular posts from this past month.

Delegation vs Empowerment  “To delegate means to choose or elect a person to act as a representative for another.  To empower someone means to give power or authority to someone else.  Do you hear the difference?” This is in the top 5 every month.

3 Types of Leadership Decisions  “Sometimes leaders look at decision making like a game of rock, paper, scissors.  We use the same approach in every situation and we leave it up to chance.  But there is a way to think through the type of decision that should be made for the best possible result.”

21st Century Leadership: 7 Questions for Evaluation  “Lynn Joy McFarland, Larry E. Senn, and John R. Childress have written a well informed work entitled, 21st Century Leadership: Dialogues with 100 Top Leaders. As I was reading a portion of their book I was struck by the wisdom of seven sets of questions that are posed to help you in evaluating your 21st century leadership readiness.”

Lust Destroys Beauty  “Lust is about self gratification, which is counter to a benevolent, all authoritative God. And this is a God who is ultimately beautiful. We literally appreciate beauty because we were created by a beautiful Creator. Lust is our desire for beauty turned inward.”

The Character It Takes To Be A Good Partner  “We were designed for community and we are most effective when we live out our work in community. It is a necessity inside your organization and with others outside the organization. This truly requires partnership.” But what type of character dos it take to get there?

There are the five most popular posts from my blog for September. May you have a blessed October!

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