5 for Leadership (10/19/13)

images-2Here is a fresh 5 for this 3rd week in October!

10 Questions On Leading With Ethics  This comes from Linda Thornton on the Leading In Context blog. This is a very thought provoking post on what it looks like to lead with ethics-see what you think.

How John Wayne Stunted Leadership Development  “Unwittingly, in many of his movies, John Wayne “proves” that you can succeed alone. All you need is the biggest will, the most stamina, and the fastest gun.” But is that true? See what Kevin Eikenberry says about this view of LD.

Are You Ready To Dare Greatly and be A Whole-Hearted Leader?  “Wholeheartedness – The capacity to engage in our lives with authenticity, cultivating courage and compassion . . . What if we were to adapt the concept of wholeheartedness specifically to leadership, in our organizations, work and business? ” Take a look at Mary Schaefer’s points on what could be true.

Pastors Need Women Teachers (and Vice Versa)  “There is little disagreement among Christians that women can and should teach women. But if the gift of teaching has been given to women, how might a pastor properly value, cultivate, and employ the gifting of women teachers?” See what Jen Wilkin has to say–found on The Gospel Coalition blog.

You Can Lead With Influence  “Leaders with influence stand out . . . An aspiring leader might start off with this vision for influence, but over time the rookie’s eagerness can fade into a fog of authority and experience. Experience assures the leader that entrenched behaviors can’t be broken, touchy people need more leeway, and elder meetings must be boring. Thus, forfeiting influence, the former idealist starts to rely on his own authority to get results.” This is an insightful post from Peter Krol. See what he says about staying in the effective realm of influence.

There are the 5 for this week. I hope you find something that hits you right where you are today.

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