5 for Leadership (11/2/13)

images-4Here is a fresh 5 for a new month! The World Series is over, it’s a mediocre college football weekend, and it is way too early to get excited about the NBA–so take a few minutes and click through the posts below.

The 8 Elements That Bring People Together  “Working together to solve a common problem provides us with a more complete picture of the problem, and can offer us more options, synergies and solutions, than we could achieve by working alone. Many of the issues we face will require collaboration at some level to solve or even manage them. ” This comes from Leading Blog and highlights a new book on the value of convening.

Leaders: Opening a Widow to the Unknown You  “Knowing what, and how much to reveal about yourself is a challenge in all relationships at one point or another. For leaders in particular, such challenges occur with some frequency as they try to balance the need to develop trusting relationships with the hope of engaging employees on various levels, while at the same time establishing appropriate boundaries within those relationships.” Andrea Pampaloni reintroduces us to the Johari Window, a valuable leadership tool–found on the Linked2Leadership blog.

The Complex Problem of the Persecuted Church  Spiritual leaders must constantly be aware of cultural issues and how to lead other towards viable solutions. The persecuted church is a global issue that is coming more and more into the light through social media. What are we to do? This post from Darren Carlson on The Gospel Coalition blog takes on the issue.

Slow  This comes from Rachel Held Evans and offers a good perspective on the nature of the Kingdom of God. As leaders we can rush, drive, push, press–all in an effort to force Kingdom growth. Maybe we should think “slow.”

Dumb and Dumber  This final post comes from Dan Rockwell. I love his title because, to my wife’s chagrin, I like the movie by the same title. “The same people sitting around the same table produce the same results. It’s dumb to think otherwise. It’s even dumber to expect the people who caused the problem to solve it.” Dan gives us a good dose of his always practical wisdom on problem solving.

There are five posts to warm your weekend and get you started toward a better leadership week.

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