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imagesHere are the five most popular posts for this past month. Take a look for the first time, or again.

Delegation vs Empowerment  “To delegate means to choose or elect a person to act as a representative for another. To empower someone means to give power or authority to someone else. Do you hear the difference?”

3 Types of Leadership Decisions  “Sometimes leaders look at decision making like a game of rock, paper, scissors. We use the same approach in every situation and we leave it up to chance. But there is a way to think through the type of decision that should be made for the best possible result.”

What To Look For In The Next Leader  “This past year I was a part of a leadership development venue for 16 national level leaders. During a Q&A time with our North American Director he was asked what he looks for in a future leader. He quickly provided us with this list of four key traits.”

Humility in Service  “A critical character trait in the life of a leader is humility. I actually believe that pride can lead to great fear and humility can lead to exceptional boldness.” Take a look at this Puritan prayer for a great picture of what I mean.

Underhanded Leadership  “Beware of underhanded leaders below you. Even more, beware of becoming an underhanded leader who diminishes, exaggerates, and subverts the authority of others.”

There are the five posts that you have help to make the most popular ones for November. Thanks so much for visiting this blog. I hope that it has been some benefit to you and your leadership.

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  1. Chaplain Mark Gupton
    Chaplain Mark Gupton says:

    I have been uplifted and encouraged and additionally given much food for thought and spiritual growth. Thank you for all your contributions and your role in CCC. May the Lord bless you with a very Merry Christmas and a successful Happy New Year.
    In Christ,


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