5 for Leadership (12/21/13)

imgres-1Here is a new 5 for the week before Christmas. There are posts on the character of a leader, leadership emotion, looking ahead to 2014, servant leadership, and what Joseph of the Christmas story can teach us about being a man. Enjoy!

Leadership Is About Emotion  This is an excellent article from Forbes. “Make a list of the 5 leaders you most admire. I’ll bet that everyone on your list reaches you on an emotional level.” Meghan Biro shares eight skills that can help you connect better as a leader.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before January 1st  It is not too early to begin assessing 2013 and looking ahead to 2014. William Arruda provides us with some well thought out questions for looking ahead. This too comes from Forbes. “The following powerful questions will provoke powerful responses.  Pay attention to your immediate answers and how these questions make you feel. This process will reveal an inspiring, effective action plan that will help you increase your influence, success and happiness at work in the coming year.”

4 Senses of Character Based Leadership   “Character-based leaders are people who have chosen to adopt a leader’s mindset, regardless of their position in the organization.  Anyone can be a character-based leader. Their character, their ‘who-they-are’ will not let them simply go with the flow or ‘do whatever.'” See what else Mike Henry has to say about character based leadership.

How Great Leaders Serve Others: David Marquet-TEDx  Here is an 18 minute video on empowering others and raising up leaders.

What Joseph Can Teach Us About Biblical Manhood  Christmas is upon us. We know the story of Joseph. Mary and baby Jesus. And lately there has been a lot of “talk” in the blogosphere about gender again, and the concept of biblical manhood. Can Joseph teach us something? See what you think.

There are the 5 for this week-Merry Christmas!


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