5 for Leadership (12/28/13)

images-4After a brief break from blogging to enjoy my family, here is a fresh 5 for the final week in 2013.

How to Break the 7 Barriers to Leadership This is Dan Rockwell at his best. He also gives you 12 ways to break those barriers.

The Trouble With Control This is a guest post by Jen Shirkani on the Great Leadership by Dan blog. Jen highlights the subtle ways leaders exert control over those they lead–and the consequences.

Discovering and Developing Great Leaders: An Art or a Science? This is from the Linked2Leadership blog. Dr. Tommy Shavers offers five ways to discover and develop leaders.

Where There’s A Why, There’s A Way “There are a gazillion methods and tactics, but there are very few whys. When we have a vision and believe in it, instead of seeing drudgery, we see discovery. Instead of aimless wandering, we see ourselves at the low-end of our personal growth curve. Once we know our why, there will be a how.”

It’s a Good Time to Remember, Reflect, and Resolve the end of one year and the beginning of another is a prime time to take stock. This post, from Garrett Kell, provides some solid principles for doing so.

There is your five for this last week in December. Happy New Year!


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