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small_2482826832013 has been a good year. It has been a year of learning and growth. This season of life has been a challenge to adapt to some new styles of leadership. I am grateful for all those who have walked beside me in this season and have shown patience. I am hopeful for 2014 and the opportunity to keep growing as a leader. I trust you are motivated to keep learning too.

Here are my ten most popular posts from 2013. Thanks so much for your contributions to this blog and adding so well to the leadership conversation.

Delegation vs Empowerment  “To delegate means to choose or elect a person to act as a representative for another. To empower someone means to give power or authority to someone else. Do you hear the difference?”

3 Types of Leadership Decisions  “Sometimes leaders look at decision making like a game of rock, paper, scissors. We use the same approach in every situation and we leave it up to chance. But there is a way to think through the type of decision that should be made for the best possible result.”

Howard Hendricks on Leadership  We lost a great Christian statesman this past year. Here are just a few of his thoughts on the art and science of leadership.

21st Century Leadership: 7 Questions for Evaluation  “Here are seven sets of questions to help you in determining if you are adapting to 21st century leadership.”

Creating a Leadership Culture on Purpose  “I often hear organizational leaders talk about the need “to create a leadership culture.” That statement always strikes me as a curious one. Every organization has a leadership culture. The question is not whether you have one, it is what type of leadership culture do you have?”

Keeping a Leadership Journal  “Whenever I can, I encourage leaders to maintain a leadership journal.  While I lived and led in Italy, I served as director of leadership development for our organization. One of my first budgetary actions was to buy a leather journal for every leader within our organization. I exhorted them to keep it near them so that they could record leadership gems whenever they came upon them.”

9 Questions to Help You in Leading Yourself  “We have to pay attention to ourselves to be better leaders. This exercise is only meant to get you started-but don’t wait, begin!”

3 Marks of Leadership of Maturity  “What does mature leadership look like? How is it experienced? What are it’s marks? There are three aspects which demonstrate a move from immature to mature leadership.”

Self Evaluation in Leadership  “Self leadership is a critical component for all leaders. True leadership greatness in the Kingdom of God is a journey towards humility. This requires some key disciplines to know how we are doing on the journey and where we can make progress.”

Practical Tips on Delegation & Empowerment  “Quality empowerment results in the making of a leader. See my prior post for some of the particulars in discerning between the these two leadership functions. For this post I want to focus on practical ideas in actually delegating to or empowering someone.”

Here’s to a blessed and profitable 2014. Lead well.

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