5 for Leadership (1/25/14)

small__410698265Here is a fresh 5 for the final week in January. This week there are posts on discouragement, caring through listening, leadership burnout, leadership thinking, and earned leadership. I hope you find something meaningful to you.

Ten Radical Shifts in Thinking That All Leaders Face  This one comes from Dan Rockwell. “Leaders fail when they don’t think like leaders. Leaders who think like individual contributors demoralize their team and devalue their leadership. Lousy leaders think like individual contributors.” Check out Dan’s 10 shifts.

7 Warning Signs That A Leader Is About To Crash  “I’ve learned there are some common indicators that a leader is heading towards burnout. The sooner we can recognize them, the sooner we know to reach out for help.” Ron Edmondson provides a good seven view lens for spotting and helping troubled leaders.

Listening Enough Is Caring Enough: 11 Gentle Reminders  “We are living in a world of attention deficit where no one has the time to listen. From what I have observed, organizations suffer from a listening crisis. Everyone has the answers and everybody wants to tell their story. No one is patient enough to sit back, ask questions and then really listen.” Tanmay Vora gives us eleven good principles for listening strength.

Leadership Has To Be Earned  This comes from Lolly Daskal. “Everyone has the potential to be a leader, regardless of title or position. But many people give themselves the title of leader, and expect others to think of them as a leader without actually understanding the meaning of leadership.” Lolly shares five important aspects of leadership that matter.

How To Handle Discouragement In Ministry  “In a new roundtable video, Darrin Patrick, Paul Tripp, and Voddie Baucham explore reasons and remedies for pastoral discouragement. ‘I get most discouraged when I’ve had unmet, unrealistic expectations of myself or others,’ Baucham observes. The hard-to-swallow truth in such moments is he’s typically thinking too much of himself.”

There are the 5 for another week. One week until the Super Bowl.

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