5 for Leadership (2/15/14)

small__5780056202Here is your post Valentine’s Day 5. There are posts on the soul of leadership, leadership mistakes, Olympic gold, the purpose of leadership, and leadership character. It’s a good week to take a break and learn.

What Is The Ultimate Goal of Leadership?  “What is the ultimate goal of leadership? This question seems simple enough at first, and then begins to get tricky because it can’t be answered in one simple statement.” Linda Fisher Thornton provides us with four different possible perspectives on the purpose of leadership–and her thoughtful conclusion.

12 Common Mistakes in Ministry Leadership  Ron Edmondson, over a two month period, interviewed a number of people about ministry mistakes they had made. They also passed on some good advice. Take a look at the themes that emerged.

How an Olympic Gold Medalist Learned to Perform Under Pressure  In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, here is an interview with Alex Gregory, an Olympic rower. Sarah Green dives in with a number of questions surfacing how Alex overcame his personal limitations to win the gold.

Arranging Flowers to Nourish the Soul  Since we are only one day past Valentine’s Day, this seemed like an appropriate post. It comes from Bethany Jenkins on the Gospel Coalition Blog. She interviews Esther Larson, who paints a beautiful picture of the intersection between faith and work–through the role of a florist.

The Most Important Part of Leadership . . . That’s Rarely Discussed  “If your heart is not right, no one cares about your skills. If this is true, why does leadership character get so little attention?” Mark Miller, a Vice President with Chick-Fil-A, dives into this important topic, with a very personal perspective. Take a look at Mark’s blog-there are many great resources here.

There are the 5 for this week. Enjoy.

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