Top Posts for February

imagesHere are the top five posts from my blog for the month of February. I hope you will enjoy them again.

Delegation vs Empowerment “To delegate means to choose or elect a person to act as a representative for another. To empower someone means to give power or authority to someone else. Do you hear the difference?” This is always a favorite.

Lincoln on Leadership  “Richard Brookhiser wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled What Would Lincoln Do? In his article, Brookhiser highlights five leadership lessons that he believes the 16th President exhibited that are worthy of reflection. Take a look and see what you think.”

The Distracted Leader  As a leader, how do you deal with anxiety and spiritual attack? I believe that 1Peter 5 reveals these two elements as primary enemies for any good leader.

The Strange Path of Leadership  “I am in my latter 50′s and I wonder what the rest of my leadership life holds. My strong desire is to finish well. I want to remain a learner to the end. I long to be viable, usable, and effective till the last day. Yet, the path of leadership in this phase of life will be different than when I was in my 20′s.” The path of Joseph toward leadership in the Bible was not linear. Is yours?

The Dangers of Isolation  “In the winter issue of Leadership Journal there is a fascinating article entitled The Friendless Pastor. Mark Brouwer, pastor at Jacob’s Well Church Community in Evergreen Park, Illinois, does a great job of bringing clarity to a common problem among all spiritual leaders.”

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