5 for Leadership (3/15/14)

small_91637864This week in 5 for Leadership we have posts on old leaders, leadership seasons, the dark side of leadership, heart-centered leadership, and new paradigms in movement leadership.

The Dark Side of Leadership  “The idealized vision of leadership is often shattered once the dark side of burdensome responsibilities begin to emerge.” This is a very good guest post by Jerry Rankin, President Emeritus of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, on the blog of Judy Douglass. There are several thought provoking take aways here.

Why The Tide Has Shifted Toward Heart-Centered Leadership  This is a guest post by Susan Steinbrecher on Lisa Petrilli’s blog. Lisa closes the post with these words, “Are you leading purposefully from your heart? It’s a question worthy of deep reflection as the answer is critical to your future leadership success!” Has the time come for heart-centered leadership?

3 Examples of a Leader for a Season  “Please understand, this is not a post encouraging anyone to leave their position. It’s not a post that indicates I’m leaving mine. But, this is a post intended to help a leader who may be struggling, feeling it’s time to move on, but can’t bring themselves to make the hard decision.” This comes from Ron Edmondson and is worth of your time–especially if you feel like you are in that transition time.

Why Old Leaders Drive Young Leaders Crazy  “Old leaders think they know something today because they knew something yesterday. Knowledge closes their minds and limits their curiosity. Young leaders look down their noses at old leaders and think, “Stop being set in your ways. Fear controls you! Young leaders feel superior to old leaders because technology is easy for them. Old leaders devalue the power of passion and vigor out of envy and fear.” Dan Rockwell give us 12 tips worthy of any leader’s consideration.

The Crisis In Ukraine Shows Why Strategy Is No Longer A Game Of Chess  This final post is a fascinating commentary on the complicated situation in Ukraine. Greg Satell suggests that there has been a shift in the way movements and change take place–from strategy to networks. Take a look and see what you think.

There are the 5 for this week. Lead well!

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