5 for Leadership (3/22/14)

small__4284694062Here is a new 5 for Leadership. There are posts this week on the Millennial Generation, leadership perseverance, leadership styles, the importance of leadership goals, and the necessity of forward thinking for a leader. I hope you find something that inspires you.

7 Elements of Leadership Style by Jim Collins  This is a guest post by Jess Millis on the Thin Difference web site. By the title you can tell that this is a summation of some Jim Collins principles on leadership. Jess does a nice job of succinctly providing us with seven practical insights.

7 Ways I Stay Forward Thinking As A Leader  “One of the responsibilities of a leader is to be consistently looking forward for the organization. A leader has to continually be asking the question: What’s next?” This is from Ron Edmondson and highlights not only how to be forward thinking but how to stay fresh as a leader. Take a look!

On Leadership, Perseverance and Leading Through Failure  This is a post by Robert Cordray on the Linked2Leadership blog. Robert highlights three entrepreneurs who lead and succeeded through failure. “These visionaries may be remembered for their great successes, but there’s a lot to be learned from their greatest failures too.”

The Distrustful Generation  Much has been written of late about the Millennial Generation. Much has been made about some of the data concerning their social behavior. “But the most dire social problem is that Millennials don’t trust their neighbors. The deepest question our culture will be facing in the coming generation is not what to do about jobs or single parenthood, but whether we are still capable of loving our neighbors.” This according to Greg Forster of The Gospel Coalition. See what you think.

Seven Principles for Setting Goals That Work  “How do you make change happen? More than that, how do you make the right change happen? When there is a gap between what is and what you want to be, how do you cross that gap?” This is a guest post by Matt Perman on Michael Hyatt’s blog. This is a good read that will cause you to think about your leadership role and goals in a new way.

There are the 5 for this week.

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