5 for Leadership (3/29/14)

images-2Here is a new 5 for the last week of March. I hope your weekend includes some Sweet 16 craziness and some warmer weather. And I hope you find something here that will enhance your leadership.

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Leadership  This comes from Stephen Blandino’s blog. “It’s very easy in leadership to grow increasingly dependent on our own abilities and skills. This tendency exists in all arenas of leadership whether business, education, media, or the church. Because of this temptation, leaders often fail to recognize the role of the Holy Spirit in leadership.” This is a good read!

Urban Church Plantations  A colleague passed this article on to me as we were discussing issues of diversity. I think this is one that every spiritual leader should read. Christena Cleveland gently, but clearly challenges the suburban church in how it views urban ministry. “The empire says that our church needs to be present in every community, our church has the answers, and our church’s resources are our resources alone. If we follow this path, power dynamics remain unchanged and urban church plantations ensue.”

10 Critical Leadership Battles (And How You Can Win Them All)  This comes from Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie. You will like this list of common dichotomies that show up in every leadership world. Take a look.

12 Ways Christians Can Be Less Mean  This comes from Ron Edmondson, whom I reference often. In light of the social media battles that erupted this past week over World Vision’s stance on marriage and hiring (which they then recanted), this might be timely. See what you think.

3 Communication Tips That Every Leader Should Use  This is a very practical post by Joe McCormack on the Great Leadership blog. “Who needs to get the message that talking less and listening more is an essential 21st-Century leadership skill? What can professionals do to avoid the lure to be long-winded?”

There are the 5 for this final week of March-is it really spring yet?

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